March 25, 2017



01. Compositions

02. Arranging, Remix production

03. Construction Kits

04. Recordings

05. Demo packaging

06. Mixing, Post Production

07. Mastering

08. Full production

09. Lyrics videos

10. Social media marketing

11. Releasing

12. Deal hunting

Compositions <back>

Music starts with composition, the first step in creativity is a strong melody, perfect text, a good concept, a targeted production. Our team has the knowledge to satisfy rigorous customers, radio airplay decision directors, A&Rs, listeners.

Examples of a Box Records Compositions: (2017 – 2006)


Arranging, Remix production <back>

We can arrange songs in any genre. Our production team can come up with inventive, top class sound arrangements for any compositions. We also do remixes for clients. Any style of music, radio or club friendly, we can turn your songs into magic.

Examples of Box Records arrangements and remixes:


Construction Kits <back>

In case the client wants to produce the song themselves we can build up the construction kit for a required arrangement. We provide different parts that can be used as chorus, verse, intro, outro drop, we export all tracks as audio or midi channels and the main producer can build up their own production sequence. Example of a construction kit we offer for free:


Recordings <back>
We own two professional music studios where we can do almost all the recordings needed in a production: instruments, vocals. Additionally, we can offer this service in one of our partner studio with priority and discount, in case the client needs some special technical requirements (example full orchestra recording), or our location is not close enough to the client.

Examples of studio recordings:


Demo packaging <back>

In case our clients need to present a demo song to a label or an artist, we can do the professional packaging which includes vocal recordings with on our studio vocalist, fixing arrangements, mixing, pre-mastering.


Mixing, Post Production <back>

Audio mixing is the process of taking recorded tracks and blending them together. Tracks are blended using various processes such as EQ, Compression and Reverb. The aim is to sculpt your arrangement to make sense of all your tracks in relation to each other. We use top of the line audio plugins and some external hardware to make sure our quality is the best. The experimented ears are the final judges. Taking control of your sound will take your music to the next level. Examples of some of our work:

Mastering  <back>

Send us your final mix and we will provide for you the best quality possible for your work. Your music will be delivered with polish and balance, crips, dynamic, clarity, surround and modern times touch, ready to play alongside the best and biggest sounds.


Full production <back>

Full production means all the above services included in one package. 

Example of a full Box Records production:


Lyrics videos <back>

 Sometimes it helps a lot to present your song to a music label with a video. We offer this solution to our clients with limited budget.

Social media marketing <back>

All of the productions we are involved in are also promoted on our social channels: facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and soundcloud (if there are no royalties restrictions). This service is for free.

Releasing <back>

If the artist has no other publishing and releasing contracts, we can offer a 50-50% releasing deal through our music label Box Records Ch. This service is for free, but exclusively dedicated to our customers who booked one of our services.


Deal hunting <back>

If you want, we can also shop for a deal for the productions we are involved in. We collaborate with some bigger labels. Any arrangements details will be further discussed and commonly agreed upon.

Example of a production we licensed.